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A.S.S.E.T.(Aviation Safety Security Educational Training) LLC. is a company established to enhance the safety of Airport Operators, their employees and contractors. It is our belief that in order to operate a safe airport all employees assigned duties and responsibilities in the Airport Operations Area need to be educated in the dangers of this complex work environment.

Our goal at A.S.S.E.T. is to provide the most up to date Airfield Operation safety training in the aviation field. All our training programs meet or exceed current FAA rules and regulations. This training is accomplished using skilled instructors with over 50 years of combined airport operations experience at a large hub airport. Educational training is conducted in a classroom type setting using multi-media presentations tailored to each airports needs. We work with the airport operator to ensure that all topics identified for instruction are included in each presentation. We strive to establish a safety culture throughout each client’s specific work environment.

We believe that through proper education airport operators will enhance their level of professionalism and safety in all aspects of airfield operations. Airport safety can be greatly improved thus limiting the possibility of Runway Incursions or the chance of a vehicle, pedestrian, or aircraft incident.

Along with our extensive training programs A.S.S.E.T. is proud to offer a first of its kind technology that is specifically designed to stop runway vehicle incursions at the source. Our patented technology I.C.A.S. (Incursion Collision Avoidance System) was designed with a simple yet effective philosophy that alerting the driver before the incursion occurs is the best way to keep your airport and passengers safe. With our new system you can be assured that your airfield will remain incursion free.

Whether you're interested in our training seminars or our all new Incursion Collision Avoidance System please remember to do your part in keeping our traveling public safe! For more information please visit our training and I.C.A.S. pages or give us a call.

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